Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It was quite a weekend...

What an adventure the bazaar turned out to be this last weekend. The Officers and Spouse’s Club has been hosting this bazaar at Ft. Lewis for 29 years and I am guessing that this one was one for the record books. We were located on the North Fort in a tent the size of a small gymnasium. We set up on Friday night after having driven there in an unbelievable storm. It was cold! Set up didn’t take too long and we found ourselves back on the road driving home in the storm. Saturday morning, we get up it’s not raining, yet. We hit the road, get some coffee and headed to the show. We were not in the tent five minutes when the storm hit again it began to rain sideways so hard you could not see anything. The storm lasted like this nearly the entire day, we were all cold and folks were wet, but let me say this everyone was having a great time!

The women running this show could not have been any nicer. They bent over backward to help us. They had hot coffee and tea for us through the whole show. They had breakfast muffins and fruit and then went out in the weather to get us sandwiches. This was way beyond expectation considering the driving conditions. Thankfully in the refreshment area there was a heater, giving us a reason to go get a refill periodically. The bazaar itself was great with a nice variety of vendors. Not much duplication was found and everyone seemed to be doing okay. We met some fun people and shared a corner in the show with a jeweler named Laura who made us laugh all day long. She was a riot. I discovered she is a painter so I booked her for an art walk in my neighborhood for January. She paints bugs in vibrant colors; I can’t wait to see them! This will be her first professional show.

The rain continued and so did the show. The traffic, though less than in past years we are told was still pretty good. A testament to the serious shoppers considering how wet everyone had gotten. Our grocery totes were a hit as were the shopping bags. We sold a good number of ta-toe® bakers and lots of favored nuts. We have another show this Saturday a few minutes from home. Hopefully the weather will be better!

Thanks again to the Officer’s and Spouse’s Club for hosting such a great bazaar. We look forward to next year with you and many more.

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