Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holiday week end!

We are nearly ready for the big Holiday Show at Ft Lewis this next weekend. It is the 29th Annual Holiday Bazaar at Ft Lewis. It’s going to be quite a large show with a real variety of vendors. This group strives to avoid duplication, and best of all its open to the public. So come one come all. Tell your friends! Make a day of it.

After the last show we took off and went to Portland on a fabric buying trip. There is a store there called Fabric Depot. For you fabric nuts the place it is not to be believed, it is one and half acres of fabric! Spend more than four hours in there and your brain is on sensory overload. We were shopping for nearly five hours and got some incredible fabrics. Between the two of us we had three overstuffed and over stacked shopping carts. When we arrived at the cutting area we proceeded to lay it all out, sort through it and decide what we really wanted and what could wait.
We then drove to our cousin’s house in NW Portland to show off all the goodies we had found. She is a seamstress also so there was much to chat about. We had a great night there, her daughter and granddaughter came along with the other grandmother. We made dinner, sat on out on the deck drank a little wine and laughed a lot. The three of us stayed up way into the night talking about family until finally we couldn’t keep our eyes open. Thanks Patty for the hospitality!

Since then we have been busy, in between dealing with everything else in our lives. One of us was working part time and the other made a major house move and still we found time to sew these great bags. We have both been busy at our sewing machines. At times we sewed together as we did for the summer show and other times by ourselves in our own homes. We’ve got three sewing machines now! The bags are great and we think they will be a big hit. The feedback has been terrific. The fabrics and combinations that we've put together offer some terrific choices. Once again the bags are made from 100% cotton materials and everything is completely washable. I’m posting a little video to share so you have a little peek. Hope to see you at the show! By the way our Etsy shop will be up and running soon…

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