Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pet Fest Today!

It’s Pet Fest at Arrowhead Gardens today. It’s happening from 10am to 2pm. Come join the fun, check out the animals (adopt one ?), talk with the vendors. We will be there with some great doggie items; scarves that the collar runs through so your pooch doesn’t chew it off; pet food mats, snuggle bags and the best treat bags ever! Also, handbags and our newest item, Identifly Bands© for your luggage!

Just a little over a week ago we were at the preview show at Ft Lewis for the day. The event is a sneak peek by invited vendors for a huge show that is the major fund raiser for the Officers Spouses Club at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This year will be the 30th anniversary of this event. We were honored to be chosen to preview our new handbags. They were a great hit, we sold quite a number of them that day with loads of feedback and suggestions from the shoppers. The comments were most welcome and encouraging to us. They are great fun to make and certainly more fun to own!

We’ve been out buying trim! Now that’s a challenge I can tell you. I thought buying fabric was tough but trim is even tougher. What to choose? Do you put tassels on some and not on others? Will sequins be a hit? Does everything have to be braided? Oh yes, then there is the color matching! Do you match or contrast? Here I thought I was out of sewing and now I am deeper into it than ever before and find that I like it. Connie of course has been in love with a sewing machine since she was 10 years old, just the shopping is an adventure for us. It’s really been fun though and I am always excited when the finished items begin to multiply. They always look so great! The fabrics are wonderful, the colors divine and the trims are beautiful!

Keep the first weekend in November open. That is when the Holiday Bazaar happens at Joint Base Lewis-McChord! We will be on the North Fort at The American Lake Club. It is open to the public and entrance to the base is quite simple, id is required and the check in is quick. You won’t want to miss this show, some of the best vendors around, many who have supported this event for years. Let’s support our troops and support this great event. Come shop with us!

Diane & Connie

Monday, September 13, 2010

Holiday Bazaar....a preview!

Tomorrow is the big ‘preview’ day at Ft Lewis. As we mentioned in our last post the Lewis Community Spouse’s Club holds an Annual Holiday Bazaar as their major fundraiser. This year will be their 30th and now it is combined with McChord AFB under the new name Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The Holiday Bazaar will take place on Saturday, November 6th from 10am to 6pm and on Sunday, November 7th from Noon until 5pm. This is one great bazaar you won’t want to miss. It’s packed full of terrific vendors and wonder shopping for the holidays! Mark your calendars now!

Here’s a little preview of some of the newest handbags that we will offer at an invitation only preview show tomorrow for the Lewis Community Spouse’s Club! What great fun it will be to show off our newest bags ahead of the big show. The few bags we have shown to our friends have been well received. In fact the first two bags we showed at a b2b meeting sold before we could even begin talking about them!

We’ve been out buying materials for the bags and handles galore! We’ve looked at trim for hours on end trying to make sure the trim is the right one for the material and the style of the bag. It’s a different kind of fun getting all of this together and then sitting at the sewing machines to make them all come to life. We hope you like them and will want to own one or two of them yourself. In the next week or two we should have our etsy shop up and running as well as the new business page for Twisted Sisters on Facebook! Look for us soon!
Connie & Diane

Summer Fun at Go Dog Go...

Here in the land of Twisted Sisters life has been busy. In July we participated in the Go Dog Go event. It turned out to be the hottest day of the summer! The park was full of people and their dogs all wondering in and out of the vendor’s booths looking at all the wonderful items that were just for their furry friends.

Our booth was quite popular since we had participated in the Scavenger Hunt. Those that joined in the hunt had to come to a particular vendors booth and find out what they must do to complete their ‘card’ and be entered for the big prize at the end of them day. All dogs had to ‘shake hands’ in our booth. Now this may seem pretty simple on its face but let me tell you it was amusing in some cases, downright funny in others and most just a good time! We had dogs of every breed you can imagine visiting us during the day.

We had some good sales throughout the day. Our most popular item was the new treat bags. They are a small 4x5” bag with a Velcro closure and a clip that can go around your jeans loop! We also sold a number of pet mats, and scarves. The scarves were a hit because they are made to have the dog’s collar slipped through the scarf. They said great their dogs wouldn’t be biting them off!

Here a few pictures from that event!

We are headed to Ft Lewis next for one of two days there. The Officers Spouses Club holds a large fundraising event each November. It is a juried show and we were accepted last year and invited back this year. In addition we have been invited to a ‘special preview’ event on September 14th at Ft Lewis for a select group of vendors that will take part in the November event. We’ve got some great new handbags we’ll tell you about next.
Connie & Diane

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