Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Fun at Go Dog Go...

Here in the land of Twisted Sisters life has been busy. In July we participated in the Go Dog Go event. It turned out to be the hottest day of the summer! The park was full of people and their dogs all wondering in and out of the vendor’s booths looking at all the wonderful items that were just for their furry friends.

Our booth was quite popular since we had participated in the Scavenger Hunt. Those that joined in the hunt had to come to a particular vendors booth and find out what they must do to complete their ‘card’ and be entered for the big prize at the end of them day. All dogs had to ‘shake hands’ in our booth. Now this may seem pretty simple on its face but let me tell you it was amusing in some cases, downright funny in others and most just a good time! We had dogs of every breed you can imagine visiting us during the day.

We had some good sales throughout the day. Our most popular item was the new treat bags. They are a small 4x5” bag with a Velcro closure and a clip that can go around your jeans loop! We also sold a number of pet mats, and scarves. The scarves were a hit because they are made to have the dog’s collar slipped through the scarf. They said great their dogs wouldn’t be biting them off!

Here a few pictures from that event!

We are headed to Ft Lewis next for one of two days there. The Officers Spouses Club holds a large fundraising event each November. It is a juried show and we were accepted last year and invited back this year. In addition we have been invited to a ‘special preview’ event on September 14th at Ft Lewis for a select group of vendors that will take part in the November event. We’ve got some great new handbags we’ll tell you about next.
Connie & Diane

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